Light on Death
By J. Phillip Jones
The Spiritual Art of Dying
Light on Death: The Spiritual Art of Dying looks at life and death as a pilgrimage and death as the last and most powerful rite of passage. 

Drawing on the Vedic wisdom of India and the experiences of its author, a hospice spiritual counselor, the book gives a refreshing positive and empowering perspective on how to understand the dying phase of life not only as a tragedy but as an opportunity for tremendous growth.  The author uses stories from the Vedic tradition as well as true stories from his hospice work to show how ordinary people can gain extraordinary insight and even quality of life near the end of life.
The topics covered include: 
  • conscious dying, 
  • the destinations of souls, 
  • spiritual caregiving and 
  • 'grieving and the end of sorrow.'  

The book has an eastern perspective but is written for westerners.  It is meant to provide comfort, wisdom and light on one of life's most challenging times.

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"This easy to read, yet very insightful and inspirational book is by far the best book I have ever read on this subject. In many ways it stands out above the rest because it has some really unique information not found out there in other books on the market. I love it. It has helped me so much! I'm in my early 40's and I have already gone through more than one sudden and unexpected brushes with death. I say this book is a must for everyone because we all need to be prepared for death and to overcome our fears of it. Whether you have a love one who has died or is dying or just want to overcome the fear and be prepared for that unknown moment yourself, this book is great---it's truly an inspiration for all of us! Beautiful pictures & design. I'll be recommending it to many people. "

 - Starbird, Big Island of Hawaii

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